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STEAM Museum - Swindon

My little boy had an inset day, so we all took the day off to explore somewhere whilst it would be quieter than normal. This time we chose Swindon to visit the STEAM Museum - we have a train obsessed boy and part way around the museum, he declared that this was the best day, EVER! Our little girl was just as excited to see all the trains and do the hands on activities with her big bro. A highlight was to be able to walk directly underneath a steam train to see all the parts that make it work! But the bit they enjoyed the most was the steam train simulator where they got to drive a train, and feel it rumbling along on the tracks! A very cool day out, with so much to see, make, play and do! With the added bonus of the McArthur Glen Outlet right next door, which houses another giant steam train, plus has a little road train to ride around the shops! I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight... choo choooo!!

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