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Holkham Beach Huts

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

I'd like you to help me... During the February Half Term break, we went to Norfolk with some of our very good friends. We travelled towards the end of Storm Eunice, stayed for 4 nights and experienced 3 storms in total! But glad to say that they didn't ruin a thing :).

Anyhoo, this blog post is mainly about the luvverly beach huts on Holkham Beach, that are remarkably all on stilts!!

Whilst walking along the beach, it was so hard to look anywhere else but at the variety of shapes, styles, colours and names that each hut had! This really inspired me... As those who have been following my work for a while will know, I've been exploring the world of illustration more and more since 2020. It was a passion of mine well before photography leapt up and took my focus (if you'll pardon the pun, ha!), then during the pandemic that passion bubbled up and grabbed my attention again...

Holkham Beach Huts Illustration by Rachel Lilly
Holkham Beach Huts by Rachel Lilly

So here is what I created after our beach walk! I was SO keen to see some of the famous seals that people often see whilst in Norfolk, but the weather wasn't allowing for that kind of adventure this time. Instead, I included them into my drawing :)

So the question is, what do you think?! Do you like this?! I was wondering about having it made into some products - what can you see this on? If anything?

Art prints, tea towels, placemats, postcards for the local area...?

I personally really enjoyed creating it, which is the main thing really, and getting lost into my imagination whilst reminiscing! So even if it just sits on our own walls here at the Lilly Pad, that's fine with me!

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas :)

Love Rachel x

Holkham Beach Huts Norfolk

Holkham Beach Huts Norfolk

Holkham Beach Huts

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1 Comment

Wow Rachel ! Another triumph. I’d say a gift card definitely, but it would make a cracking tea towel or print ! X

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