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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

I really don't enjoy the spotlight, but as I offer such personal services it's important to share a little about this lady behind the lens (so I'm told by my advisors!). So, here are some photos and facts about me, for any of you who are interested to know more :)

I can't live without lists, so here's one for starters...!

I live in the beautiful area of Monmouthshire. I have an incredibly lovely husband, son & daughter I love to travel & explore (including a spot of geocaching!). I adore woodland, forests, mountains, lakes & beaches. I hike, SUP, canoe & ride my bike around the Wye Valley and beyond. I don't know my left from right, but I love maps so that's ok...! I'm a country bumpkin at heart. I love cats & dogs, but they make my eyes itch. I'm a total chocoholic. I have an obsession with notebooks & stationary. I paint, draw & love to try all kinds of crafts. My favourite seasons are Spring & Autumn. Turquoise & teal hues are my absolute faves. I find it difficult to leave out smiley faces when writing things down ;)


When I was little, I was always teased by my family for the photos I took - when the developed photos arrived in the post, we saw that my fingers had blocked the lens of my little first camera FAR too many times!!

I went to Hereford Art College ready to study illustration, yet through my Foundation BTEC Diploma, I found I was creating more photos than drawings. It was here where my tutors took me to the side and asked if I had considered studying photography, as they could see my passion for it, and were keen to point out I seemed to have a 'natural eye for photography'. BOOM! Life changed that day; 3 months later I was given an unconditional spot at my chosen university to study Photography in the Arts... and away I went..


3 years of studying at at Swansea Metropolitan University got me a BA(HONS) in Photography in 2007. This was where I not only fell in love with South Wales (especially the Gower!), but I also fell in love with a boy a few doors down in my halls of residence corridor (who is now my husband, Chris!).

The 3 years of uni will remain as some of my highlight years. The experiences, the friends, and the things I learned, on and off the course, are all so important to me.


I have over 100 weddings under my belt, and I've photographed weddings in 5 different countries - from Europe to Australia. I've met some amazing clients who have then become friends, and I have an awesome team of second shooters who are all good buddies of mine too.

I now tend to specialise more in families, and working with small businesses to help with their branding. This fits well with my own family during this current season of life:) I'm really enjoying shooting lifestyle videos too.

I always keep space in my diary for a few weddings a year - so if you're interested, please do get in touch!

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